NiceToNeetYou is a social project based in Brussels that aims to gather, support and motivate young people that are out of the educational or work market. They asked me to do their first presentation video to explain their partners the results of their first 6 months of work.

We imagined this video in a journalistic approach, taking the form of interviews. I made the interviews, realization and editing.


In 2017, after a one year gap, Fugitives makes a surprising come back in Namur, playing for « Les fêtes de Wallonie ». I followed them on their 2 last gig in 2016 and used the footages for this video. 

Today, the group has splited and you can find them in projects like Colver, Honk or 4Dimensions. 

La Route des Défis is a non-profit organisation I’ve founded in 2017 with 2 friends. We consider ourself as alternative crowdfunding actors. Our aim is to financially support young and sustainable associations around Europe trough hitchhiking ! This video was made for a campaign we launched in 2018 when we printed two limited editions tote-bags with Belgian artists that we could sell to raise funds for our association. 


In 2017, Boitsfort Rugby Club won the title in 2 divisions and came back in the first Belgian division. This video is a memory of this beautiful day highlighted by the awesome music « memories » – The Blaze. 

In 2016, Mango Moon asked us (BadCorp) to realize their new videoclip.