Analog Wedding

A few years ago, I was convinced that I would never do any « weddings ». Not for me. This was before I realized the impact I could have on this unique day. Witnessing the smile & emotions of the bride and groom when they discovered the pictures of their wedding was the trigger.

I tend to see the wedding project like this : reporting the day and what is going on with the bride and groom, their family and also all the people that are invited, as I can do as a photo-journalist.

I’ll be at your wedding half like a guest, half like a photographer, taking shots of all the special scenes happening on the day. I prefer to work as a « second » photographer, leaving the group pictures, bride and groom pictures, wedding ring pictures, etc, to the N°1.

Why? For three main reasons : First is freedom, as I’m not responsible of the key shots I’m free to search for a creative angle and interesting situations. Second, as I work with analog cameras, that are often more than 40 years old, I must take my time to realize the shots to be sure they are usable, wich is less the case when you are taking 100.000 numerical pictures during the day. Finally, as mentioned above, the quantity of shots I’ll made during the day is limited by the quantity of film I’m taking with me. This can vary but it stands between 15 and 20, with means a maximum of 540 to 720 pictures within with I must find the diamond I’m and you are looking for.

Nevertheless, if you are aware of the uncertainty, I can also be your N°1 photographer. But again, the number of shots will be limited and other constrains must be taken in account. In any case, a previous meeting is always organized and a call for more informations is also welcome. It is special to involve a bit of risk in a day like this, that is certainly organized minutes after minutes. I do like it. You must also.

How ? Analog pictures. The beauty of catching picture with old cameras like my Nikon F and my 2 Canons FtbQl is at the center of my project. That’s what you look for when working with me. Something special, timeless. I’ve been using this type of cameras for my books, events, sometimes to cover entire topics abroad and I can not tell you yet what makes it so special. The noise, the reloading process, the stress of not seeing the images puts me in a situation where I must be committed and give my best !

Why ? As wedding photography became a business, the competition between photographers has shaped their work to tend to aesthetic, magic, dreamy pictures, sometimes with a lack of authenticity and reality. My focus is on providing you with images that are as close as possible to the reality in its wide meaning, using the analog picture style to make those images timeless and artistic. This day is special because of the people that are there, the celebration that is taking place and the emotion involved. What a perfect topic !

This is enough talking about me. Be sure that our collaboration will be based on your desires. Got my number ?