Benjamin Rifon leads a double life. Sometimes a social entrepreneur, sometimes a photographer and videographer, he has created and manages two associations. La Route de Défis ASBL & Opération LinkUp which have a common goal, that of contributing to the increase of social welfare in an innovative way.

At the same time, Benjamin cultivates a utilitarian photography that leads him to follow people all over the world. His camera and his curiosity are the best pretext to observe, listen, discover and finally (de)build our world. In Lebanon was born the Chemistry Graffiti project, a tribute to 4 citizens of Beirut who paint their city and imagine a new community, the Beirut graffiti artists. This project, in the form of a book co-written with Joséphine Parenthou, continued with an 8-day residency in Brussels where artists from all over the world collaborated on the theme of (al)chimia. In 2020, they gathered again to raise money for beirut in the Actforbeirut project.


I started photography in 2010, after I received from my parents a Canon 1100D that followed me for seven years. First interested in video clips and the music world, I gradually turned to photography by taking my equipment along everywhere I went., looking for interesting situations. At the same time, my bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in environmental management allowed me to focus on social transformation through behavioural change. This academic rigour is reflected in the topics I am dealing with today. (Traditions, portraits, migration, spirituality, institutions,..)

When I finished my studies in 2017, I took a decisive turn: following my instincts and turning a passion into a profession. Learn photo-journalism by practicing it. Learn studio and lights. Learn how to successfully meet a client desire. And that is what I keep doing since then.

Naturally curious and observant, I like to conduct my investigations at the heart of human nature: the working and agricultural world, indigenous and social struggles, urban culture and popular art. My objective is to translate ideologies and discourses into images, which speak for themselves and are accompanied by the necessary research and in-depth investigation.

Today, my practice is diversifying and I create podcasts, documentaries, articles and written articles. I also work for companies, brands and organizations on their image on social medias and websites and build their communication strategy. I like to cultivate this « storytelling » side during my shootings, events and weddings because it defines my approach in photography. I am constantly looking for new idea,  medias and sponsors to continue to spread my work.


Ongoing projects

Diario de Luchas : During 10 months, I travelled in an Overlander in Mexico, Argentina and Chile in search of protests, social and indigenous struggles, stories of revolts. Meeting with the Zapatistas in Chiapas, with the URTARTE collective in Oaxaca, the workers of Patagonia in Chile & Argentina, the syndicates in Argentina… We are currently working with a colleague journalist on an exhibition on this subject.

Drinkin’ withe Druze : A photo-anthropological subject where I follow the use of maté in the Druze community in Lebanon.  The drink is consumed in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, but also in Syria and Lebanon. Through this report, I analyze the differences in practices, the migration stories and the impact of mate on the community life of the Druze. The project requires a return to Lebanon, Argentina and Syria in the coming months.